Westpac Branch Transaction Account Opening

Year: 2015
Client: Westpac Australia
My Role: CX Senior Consultant
Project time: 5 months


The key question for this project was, if a new customer can open a transactional account online in 5 minutes, why does it take 45 minutes in branch?

The current systems, processes and KPIs in place were making it very difficult for personal bankers to be more efficient with their customers, especially with those who knew what they want and only had little time to do this in branch, e.g. during their lunch break.

The business wanted us to optimise the workflow and reduce effort for branch staff, leveraging the existing online process and improving the customer experience in branch.


I worked together on this project with another consultant from another agency whose main focus was the mapping of the as-is and the recommended journey maps, while my focus was driving the concept design, creation of artefacts (in this case a prototype) and user validation.

The process we followed was to Understand, Define, Design and Built and Deploy.


Among the activities we did here were:

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Field Research (in-branches)
  • Technology workshops
  • Desk research – competitors
  • As-Is State Journey mapping
BranchWOW-as-is service map
As-Is State Journey Map


  • Ideal State Journey mapping
  • Opportunities prioritisation
  • Sketching


  • Co-design sessions
  • User journeys
  • Prototyping   (contact me for access to it)
  • User testing
Early concept - User Journey
User Journey

Built and Deploy

  • User Stories
  • Pilot development

Taking an active and proactive approach was essential to keep other departments, such as Compliance, Legal and Change Management engaged. All this while actively collaborating and working together with the core agile team of Product Owners, BAs, Scrum Masters and Developers.


As a result the new ‘streamlined’ process (as personal bankers would describe it during testing), made it possible to open a transactional account with a cross-sell of savings account in branch in less than 10 minutes!  This did not only beat all expectations with the less time requirement but also allowed personal bankers to spend more time in helping customers on-boarding and setting up their online accounts rather than dealing with the old disparate systems.