Credit Card Sales Funnel – Feasibility Study

Year: 2016
Client: St.George Bank
My Role: UX Consultant (solo)


Credit cards application were underperforming in converting applications into active new accounts.  It was estimated 550k customers start an application yet do not complete, demonstrating a big opportunity to maximise conversion rates within the sales funnel process.

Business requirements driving this 3 months feasibility study were:
  • Simplified credit decisions
  • Provide Online banking access for customers prior to an account being approved.
  • New card services within Online banking
  • Targeted messaging to customers
  • Instant account creation
  • Cross channel integration consideration


I worked very closely with the assigned team, and I mean closely -sitting next to and across the Product owner, Scrum master and BAs.
Among the activities that I planned, led and executed were:
  • Defining Opportunity and Scope -based on previous efforts and related projects
  • Setting up and maintaining the Design Wall – a great tool to drive conversations, display user journey and wireframes.
  • Prototyping in Axure
  • User Testing – engaging their preferred partner Objective

Project Objectives (opportunity)
Define Scope
STG Design Wall
The movable Design Wall
STG User Testing
User Testing (3 rounds)


A credit card application flow that was shorter and easier to complete. It provided early feedback on credit limits and allowed the prospect customer to explore products and limited features from within Online banking with instant account creation. Plus we included a digital card which would be immediately available to use on online purchases while waiting for the card to arrive on the mail!

Axure Prototype:

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