Internet Banking and App Redesigns

Year: 2016
Client: Qudos Bank
My Role: UX Lead, Team lead


As part of their brand refresh, Qudos Bank looked to re-design their current Internet Banking (IB) and mobile App. Their existing IB and App had become slow and dated in design, with members unhappy with the level of functionality and general usability of them both.

The agency I worked for then, HeathWallace, was engaged to bring their consulting skills in User Experience, Visual Design and Front-end Development in and help them transform their internet banking.

Generally large financial institutions invest significant time and resources into the design and development of their digital products.  Qudos however, required a solution to be delivered in a fraction of the time, which created an enormous challenge.  

The objective was to deliver a new and improved user experience for Internet Banking via a new responsive website, and a new App, both in 8 months.


We utilised HeathWallace process of rapid ideation, design, and validation that involved business stakeholders and real users.  A staggered Agile sprint cycle was used to ensure UX, visual design, and development flowed smoothly and was collaborative throughout.  

Double Diamond Processdouble-diamond-process

1. Discover

Among the activities that our team performed during this phase were:

  • Domain familiarisation
  • Competitor and landscape review
  • Tech review – working with their tech providers Infosys to understand opportunities, capabilities and constraints
  • User engagement – Interviews, diary study
  • Stakeholder engagement
discovery wall
Discovery Phase Wall

2. Define

Now it was time to:

  • Define and prioritise the list of requirements and user stories we were going to tackle
  • Estimate the value, impact and efforts involved completing the user stories and in sprints or 3 weeks each

3. Design

We believed that for the success of this project it was essential to keep the client engaged in the journey. The way we achieved that plus completing the work was by having them participate in co-design sessions and attending design walkthroughs and showcases.

We set up the space and the Design Walls at the clients location and created a process for us to follow when working on user stories.

Sprint UX process
UX Process – 3 weeks sprints
Design Wall copy
Design Wall

We research the landscape by looking for best in breed.

Lots of sketching was involved, the creation of user flows, and wireframes.

Sketches polished
Sketching flows

We used Axure for the prototyping and user testing.

Qudos IB Axure
user testing facilitation room
User Testing

We ran user testing session at the client’s location. We set up a room for testing and an observation room for people to come and observe.

User testing observation room
User Testing – observation room

We ended every sprint with a showcase presentation – a great way to show all the work done and keep stakeholders engaged.

Sprint showcase
Sprint showcases to stakeholders


4. Deliver

Even though Deliver is the last phase in the process, this didn’t meant that developers were waiting for the entire solution to be completed before they could start coding. Because we were running an agile project, our Front-end developers were proactive in getting themselves set up while we were completing the 1st sprint and then they were working a sprint behind us.

Design System

We delivered a new Design System for Qudos online offerings and features. We enhanced their brand look and feel and set a framework for design decisions and consistency across their digital properties – Internet Banking and mobile App.  A system that Qudos could easily refer back and reuse as their digital properties evolve.

Qudos - Confluence
Design System in confluence

Internet Banking website

We also delivered a responsively designed website, fully featured and easy to use internet banking platform.

Qudos Design system front end
Digital Styleguide as part of the Design System
Qudos loan calculator
Live example of responsive page/flow

Hybrid mobile app

A hybrid mobile app for Android and iOS that included important features found in internet banking along with integration of native device functions such as biometric security and location based assistance.

Qudos App
Live example of page/flow for the App

A big thank you…

To the team of Sydney consultants that were put together for this project, majority new to HeathWallace. Project managers, UXers, Visual Designers and Front end developers, bunch of talented and fun to work with people who made this incredible massive task a reality.

HW consultants team
HeathWallace Sydney team of consultants

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