Maxxia Single Card App – User Research

Year: 2017
Client: Maxxia
My Role: UX Principal Consultant


Australia’s leading salary packaging provider Maxxia was moving away from their card provider ANZ. As a result, the Maxxia customer experience was going to change from a customer having multiple cards (for Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment) to having a single joint card.
Myself and another UX consultant were engaged to help Maxxia with the following:
  • validate proposed user flows and designs with users
  • inform the design process by way of recommendations to improve the user experience and meet business objectives, and
  • assist Maxxia to minimise the impact to existing users transitioning to the new card functionality by providing a simple, easy to understand application to support their needs.


Co-Design workshop –  A key activity at the beginning of the process was to workshop with key stakeholders to understand and prioritise business goals, define and prioritise app features, understand technical limitations and assumptions, and co-design key user journeys.

Understanding and defining the scope
Design Jam with stakeholders

Concept Design and Wireframing – We sketched and developed a paper prototype for agreed key features/flows basing on business and user goals as well as key outputs from co-design workshop.

Maxxia Card APP sketch prototype
Sketch prototype in inVision

User Testing – We recruited, prepared, managed and conducted user testing with key representation of their target audience. The client was invited to observe and help capture notes from an observation room.

Analysis and Synthesis –  Since we wanted the client to be engaged along the way and feel part of the journey, part of our analysis was done with them in the observation room after every session.  Then after testing was completed we went away for a further synthesis and documentation of the findings and recommendations.

Presentation of findings – We presented back the findings and recommendations to the client. We provided tactical recommendations to ensure a good user experience was to be launch and also more strategic recommendations to take into consideration for future improvements.

Maxxia Card APP UT Findings
User testing findings report – page sample

Visual Design – We provided visual designs of key pages that took user testing findings into account, plus enhancements to their current style guide so that they could apply to the solution and flexible enough to support future iterations.

Maxxia Card APP Dashboard
App homepage sample



The outcome was valuable feedback and enough tactical direction for the client to apply during implementation and deployment of the app to guarantee of a good user experience. And a roadmap for future iterations.
Mentoring the client through a HCD journey was another outcome as they felt empowered and encourage to continue applying this methodology for future initiatives.
This app is to go live in mid 2017

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